There are several reasons to inspect a home before purchasing.
  • Safety -A home inspection can protect you, the buyer, from any safety issues like carbon monoxide, radon and mold, which is quite common in foreclosed and short sale properties.
  •  Option to Withdraw -Anyone who can recall a popular Tom Hanks flick, The Money Pit knows that a quality home inspection prior to purchase could save you thousands of dollars (not to mention your sanity). As soon as the deed is transferred, you no longer have the option to walk.
  • Important Negotiating Tool -Not only does a home inspection report provide the buyer peace of mind, it also presents an opportunity for the buyer to request repairs, a price reduction, or even a credit from the seller.
  • Forecast Future Costs -A home inspector can often times approximate the installation age of major systems and appliance in your home, such as the roof, heating, cooling and the water heater. Knowing the shelf life of certain systems and appliances can potentially save you thousands of dollars down the road.
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