By Neena Vlamis, President of A and N Mortgage

It’s an exciting time for you and your family. You’ve decided to build a new house instead of buying an existing one. For the first time, your new home is going to have every feature and detail you’ve ever wanted. Congratulations!

Here are some wise tips from seasoned mortgage experts which can help you avoid common pitfalls that others experience when building a new house for the first time.

Energy-saving decisions will pay big dividends in lower heating and cooling costs, reduce your family’s carbon footprint and help save our beautiful planet.

#1: Never Try to Be Your Own General Contractor

The cards are stacked against you. Sure, you could potentially save money that way, but your inexperience could cost you a fortune in countless delays, coordination and timing errors among sub-contractors, re-doing inferior work, and relying on a crew that doesn’t always show up when you expect them. Sub-contractors are loyal to certain general contractors who give them repeat work. That’s understandable. But you only have one job for them. Even if they agree to work for you, they’ll always postpone your work in favor of the steady jobs that come from professional contractors. This is a very important homebuying tip. Don’t put your house and life on hold based on the remote chance you could save some money.

#2: Invest in Energy-Efficient Home Design

Energy-saving features range from your choice of insulation, windows and window treatments, doors, floors, sunlight-reflecting roofs, skylights that improve heating, lighting, and ventilation, exterior paint colors that reflect or absorb heat, and Energy Star kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances. Making energy-saving decisions will pay big dividends in lower heating and cooling costs as well as reducing your family’s carbon footprint and helping to save our beautiful planet.

Invest in higher quality materials that pay you back in value with longer life-cycles and lower maintenance and repair costs.

#3: Plan for Ample Storage Space

You didn’t build your own home to end up with overstuffed closets and a garage that looks like a permanent storage room while you park your cars in the driveway. Plan for extra closets and built-in cabinets specifically for storage. Build extra storage space in the area under a staircase. Add storage cabinets in your garage and still have room for your cars.

#4: Don’t Skimp on Materials

This is a house you’re planning to live in for a long time. Invest in higher quality materials that will pay you back in value with longer life-cycles and lower maintenance and repair costs. You don’t want to have admit a few years from now that you shouldn’t have chosen that cheaper type of flooring, paint, carpeting, or siding.

#5: Plan for the Future

Life is all about change, so make sure you build your new house with that in mind. Today you may think you’ll never have another child, but never is a long time. Build a bit bigger than your current situation needs. What can now be a home office or guest bedroom can easily transform into become a beautiful nursery for your second child. Embrace the fact that life is full of surprises, and plan accordingly!

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