Katheryn-Keller - Dillon
Katheryn Keller Dillon Sr. Mortgage Consultant
Direct Line: 773-305-7028
NMLS Number: NMLS-206332
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My Realtor recommended Katheryn at A and N Mortgage to me, and I could not have been more pleased with the experience.

I was a first time home buyer, and Katheryn made the process a thousand times less daunting. She is super sweet and helpful, and she guided me through the entire process so I felt confident and informed every step of the way. She was also excellent at staying in touch and returning phone calls and emails, and I was never left wondering what was next. I ended up getting approved for a great interest rate, which obviously left me even happier with the entire experience.


And she didn’t even make fun of me for watching way too much Suze Orman. In fact, after some of the questions I asked she told me, “Suze would be proud.” (That’s the greatest compliment I’ve ever gotten in my LIFE.)


*Fun fact – apparently their offices used to be a night club, but you only get that “oontz oontz oontz” vibe in the bathroom. Jo W. (Yelp) – 5 star rating