By Neena Vlamis, President of A and N Mortgage

Chicago is located centrally in the Midwest with access to the rest of the world by way of Chicago O’Hare, but, it has so much to offer you never have to leave. Offering everything from nature to culture to affordable Midwestern living, Chicago is a great place for anyone to call home. Anyone who is thinking about making the move could ask Chicago mortgage companies what the Midwest has to offer.

Here are some of the best things Chicago has to offer:

  1. Water – Chicago has a gorgeous, recognizable skyline, with skyscrapers proudly Living in Chicagoemphasizing the waters of Lake Michigan. Another view of the skyline is at stunning Montrose Harbor. The shore goes on so long, bordered by beautiful Lakeshore Drive, that it feels more like the city is near an ocean. The Kathy Osterman Beach is a real beach known for being peaceful, relaxing and less busy than other big city beaches. For a relaxing ride, you can pay $3 and float along the Chicago River on a water taxi from the Loop to Chinatown.
  2. Art and Culture –The Art Institute is one of the best, oldest and largest art museums in the United States, keeping such treasures as original works by Pablo Picasso, George Seurat, and Grant Wood’s American Gothic. Even the Harold Washington Library, which is the main public library, is known for both its collection and the amazing architecture of the building. Many structures and buildings in Chicago are famous for their unusual and beautiful architecture, including The John Hancock Building and Buckingham Fountain. The Sears Tower, now known as The Willis Tower, is 108 stories and allows tourists to go to the top to get a Chicago view.
  3. Science museums –These are the kinds of museums which are as interesting to an adult as to a child, and they are one of the reasons Chicago is such a terrific place to raise a family. The Chicago Nature Museum offers workshops and classes, not just exhibits to look at. Shedd Aquarium advertises 32,000 amazing animals with more hands-on activities. There are several more, but The Museum of Science and Industry is very popular and has everything from a coal mine to a model railroad to a German submarine.
  4. Sports– Do you like hockey? Check, Chicago has the Blackhawks. Do you like basketball? Check, Chicago has the Bulls. Do you like baseball? You may have heard the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year.
  5. People – The people in the Midwest are friendly and open, like most Midwesterners. This is one of the ways you can get the advantages of a big city without sacrificing something which is more common in smaller towns. People in Chicago will have a conversation with a stranger and be happy about it.
  6. Home Affordability – Homes are more affordable than in much of the rest of the country, even though Chicago is a big city. But even though the price is smaller, you’ll still get more for your money so you’ll have room for that family you want to raise surrounded by art, culture and festivals. A Chicago loan broker can get pre-approval for first-time homebuyers to make the process convenient and easy, and offer potentially better rates. Moving to Chicago would be the best thing anyone could do. The city offers everything anyone could want, including four seasons in the year. With Online Mortgage Pre-Approval, you can prequalify for a home loan so you can get started finding the best home as soon as possible. At A and N Mortgage, we are a Chicago Mortgage Broker that can offer First-Time Home Buyer Pre-Approval. Call us to find out more about our services at 1-773-305-5626.Sources
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