Can you believe it has been 74 months since the number of total foreclosure filings has been this low?

My prediction is that the inventory is going to stay low, you will see developers  come  back into the business, the banks will not be as foolish this time loaning money out to developers hand over fist as you saw in 2005.

A and N friends like to know, why do people use Neena Vlamis over a bank?

Borrower “I am calling a bank for a quote as well”

Neena “once you call a large bank you will realize that they promoted a teller, who doesn’t need a license to originate mortgages… Really?  .. To deal with your biggest asset!  I am a licensed mortgage professional who only does mortgages, I don’t open checking accounts, I do two things, mortgages and diapers and I do them well!  When someone is doing too many things they are a jack of all trades and master of none. Now some advise on properties that sell the quickest: declutter your home and get it staged, I can give you a staging expert and a realtors number and let’s put your team of professionals together and get you into a new home that meets your goals to match the growth of your family!”

Borrower “okay you had me at mortgages and diapers!”

Make it a great day!!!


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