A and N Mortgage First Time Homebuyer Process

This is Craig the Borrower, A first time home buyer with a LOT of questions, but has no idea where to start. Craig, not sure if he’s prepared to be a homeowner, asks a friend for advice. Lucky for Craig, he’s told about how personable and accessible the loan officers are at A and N Mortgage. The loan officer at A and N Mortgage patiently walk Craig through the steps needed to get started on the home loan process.

  • First, you need paystubs from the last thirty days.
  • W2 or 1099 from last year.
  • Next, tax returns from the last two years and bank statements from the last two months, and send the next ones you get too.
  • Also need statements of any assets you have, like stocks or a 401(k), from the last sixty days
  • Lastly, supply the phone number for human resources where you work, to verify employment, and a copy of your driver’s license.

Even if it’s not a very good picture… A and N Mortgage has made starting the home loan process much much easier because that’s our job! Getting on the right path is the best start. Make the journey easier on yourself and contact a LOAN OFFICER at A and N Mortgage.

Animation/Editing: Matt Nikkila

Music by: David Kornfeld

Theme Song Lyrics by: Ricky Glore

Vocals by: Ali Delianides, David Kornfeld and Ricky Glore