By Neena Vlamis, President of A and N Mortgage

Budget A New Year brings new goals. Financially you may wish to build up savings, pay off debt, manage monthly spending or save for retirement. Here are five goals to help you stick to your 2015 financial resolutions.

Make Extra Mortgage Payments

Making extra payments can dramatically shorten the time until your mortgage will be paid in full Pay Off Your Second Mortgage

It’s not always easy to pay off a second mortgage, but the freedom from that added debt and interest expense can be well worth the effort.

Investigate Your Property Taxes

If your house has declined in value in recent years, you might be able to save some money in 2015 by contesting your property tax assessment.


Refinancing your mortgage to decrease your payment or lock in a low fixed rate also might be a smart move in the new year.

Look For Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts

Major repairs or improvements that you made to your home last year can get you a discount or a lower quote on this year’s coverage.
Whatever your goals may be making sure to reach out to your A and N mortgage consultant. A and N is always here to help.

Stay connected. Stay educated. Stay saving with A and N Mortgage.

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