What If Someone Gifts Me Funds To Buy My Home?

The last time we saw Craig, he was having issues with a gift of money that his Mom gave him, to purchase an owner-occupied home. Craig remembered he is using A and N Mortgage, and that his loan officer is just a phone call away, when he has any questions or needs help. Here’s what Craig has to do!

Since his Mom, who’s obviously related to him, sent the gift funds, Craig and his Mom both need to sign a gift funds letter. Next, we’ll need a copy of the check to prove that it came from your Mom.

A copy of your Mom’s bank statement, and one from yours, so we can show the transaction history, and that your Mom gave you the gift to purchase your home. That’s all that is needed! If you’re like Craig, and stuck in a bind because you’ve made mistakes on your mortgage loan paperwork…It’s never too early or late to call a loan officer at A and N Mortgage.

Animation/Editing: Matt Nikkila

Music by: David Kornfeld

Theme Song Lyrics by: Ricky Glore

Vocals by: Ali Delianides, David Kornfeld and Ricky Glore