Why Do I Need To Pay Earnest Money?

Craig wants to put an offer in, on purchasing a house. An offer to buy a house is usually accompanied by an “earnest check.” The reason for the check, is to show the seller, that the buyer, Craig, “earnestly” intends to buy the home.

Craig’s LOAN OFFICER at A and N Mortgage, will need some documents to show that the Earnest Money Check, has come from Craig’s account. This allows the Earnest Money to be applied towards your down payment and minimum required investment.

  • You will need to obtain a copy of the cancelled check (the check that has cleared your account) whether it is a standard or cashier’s check.
  • Additionally, we will need the bank statement showing the amount of the actual check clearing your account with the check number matching that on your bank statement.
  • Please keep in mind that we will need ALL pages of any bank statement (even if the page is blank) whether the statement is used to verify your Earnest Money, or funds to close.

With A and N Mortgage, we’re gonna make sure you have what you need, so you can get exactly what you want.

Animation/Editing: Matt Nikkila

Music by: David Kornfeld

Theme Song Lyrics by: Ricky Glore

Vocals by: Ali Delianides, David Kornfeld and Ricky Glore