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Maria Willging Kennedy

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Nationally Recognized Mortgage Broker Maria Willging Kennedy

Maria Kennedy is a Five Star Professional and has been a residential mortgage broker since 2004. Maria graduated from Virginia Tech in 1999 with a B.S. in Clothing & Textiles and moved to Chicago from Maryland. After a few years as a manager and buyer at a boutique in Lincoln Park Maria had a desire to change industries so that she could make a bigger difference in peoples lives. Maria has always enjoyed volunteering and helping others which has made her 16 year career in the mortgage industry very fulfilling. Maria met Neena Vlamis, President of A & N, in 2011 and became part of the A & N family. Maria loves a good challenge and will work with clients as long as it takes to accomplish their financial goals whether that be a refinance of their current loan or homeownership.

Why We Should Work Together


Lower Rates and Fees

Plain and simple, I will offer you a lower rate than any large bank. This will translate into $1000’s of dollars of savings for you.


Faster Response Time

Big banks have bloated mortgage departments where you become just another number. I will work directly with you, respond faster, and help you throughthe entire lending process. I give all of my clients my personal cell phone number so any time you have a question, I’m a phone call away.


FlexIble Lending Options

I will offer you different lending options that big banks don’t have access to. My guidelines and criteria are different from large financial instutitions which translates into much easier approvals for you.


Special Financing

I will offer you more opportunities for special financing. Most big banks only service those that they see fit, while I can offer different financing options that large banks don’t have access to. This results in getting you approved easier, faster, and cheaper.

Let me explain the mortgage process

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Disclaimer: THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT. This is not a commitment to lend. A and N Mortgage Services, Inc. is an Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee and Equal Housing Lender. 1945 N Elston Ave. Chicago, IL 60642 p:773.305.LOAN (5626) NMLS #19291 IL MB.0006638. Serving IL, IA, IN, FL, MI, MN, TX, WI.

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